Same Vibration in concert

We all know, we all know

The more we worry, the more we fear,

The more we attract that which we fear,

The more we affect others with our fear,

But when we’re happy

When we’re free

When we love, we are alive

And that’s our natural state to be

Cause we are love amd love is freedom

And once we’re true to our nature

All that we fear makes us stronger,

And the light shines on

Shine, Shine Shine…

When you smile, you get sunshine

When you open your heart, that’s soulshine

We weren’t meant to be slaves

Why do we keep imprisoning ourselves

We are the 99.999 percent

We’re full of ideas and inspiration

Nothing can stop us when we are one

We’re all part of the same vibration

Get up, stand up

Everybody, free your mind

Get up, stand up, Everyone, free your mind

Shine, Shine, Shine…