Same Vibration - United People revolution
We are all part of the Same Vibration

“We are all part of the Same Vibration”

Audiences are left empowered and inspired at Same Vibration shows, as this international group of musicians take the stage with positive conscious messages and driving rhythms. “A cross between American Jam Bands and World Music”, this Copenhagen-based band has been exciting audiences at venues such as Loppen, Global, Huset as well as festivals throughout Denmark and internationally. Their latest 2014 release, “Everything is Connected”, is a unique blend of musical styles which places Same Vibration in a category of their own.

Same Vibration came together in the fall of 2008 in Copenhagen when Didi Levy (IL), lead singer and songwriter brought the band together. The band’s members come from all over the world, creating a very multi-cultural sound. The music is very diverse, each song is a different style and many cultures and musical styles are explored.

The band plays very upbeat shows in the tradition of American Jam Bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead there is a lot of improvisation and freedom. Every show is unique in terms of song selection, special guests and musical surprises. Audiences are kept mesmerized as Same Vibration take them on a journey of cultures and rhythms. The lyrics are primarily in English, although there are some lyrics in Spanish, Hebrew. Same Vibration has broken on to the international scene, playing locally until 2011, with tours in the UK and Israel. The band features the talents of:</p>

  • Didi Levy: guitar and vocals
  • Rachel Yatzkan: sax, clarinet, flutes and vocals
  • Søren Tarri: bass
  • Radek Wosko: drums
  • Said Bakari Mohamed: percussion and vocals
  • Hans Christian Frank: guitar

The LP Same Vibration, released in 2010 on Tutl Records, spawned such dub, dance beat singles as “Internal Revolution”, Calypso rhythms “Searching” and the ground-breaking track “Just Love”. “A very well polished piece of work.”.

Get ready for your journey, “Cause we are all part of the Same Vibration”, explore what Indie Music Digest described as “an eclectic mix of musical styles showcasing the versatility of this artist”.